Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Poppies (2018)

A business man is seated next to an older Chinese woman. He simply wants to get his work done, however she wants to talk. As she relates her stories he falls into her tale  and over the course of a flight finds the power of stories to keep the people we love alive.

This is a beautiful small scale epic about life and how stories affect our lives. Acted to near perfection by Matthew Knowles and Cindera Che they grab your shirt pull you close and then make you get misty in the end.

I absolutely love this gem of a film.

Highly recommended.

POPPIES played this past weekend at the Canada China International Film Festival

It will play again at:

27 September at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival

29 September 2018: Edmonton International Film Festival at 1:00 pm

6 October 2018: San Pedro International Film Festival at 7:00 pm

12 October 2018: LA Femme International Film Festival at 12:00 noon

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