Thursday, March 28, 2019

"Sister Tempest" A Full Length Genre Bending Feature Film Currently on Kickstarter!

Having recently kicked off it's Kickstarter Campaign, "Sister Tempest" is a full length Thriller, Art-house, Body Horror, Sci Fi, Surreal Dark Comedy. It describes itself as Mulholland Drive meets Holy Mountain meets Zardoz!

It's written and directed by Joe Badon who, last year, made his way through the festival circuit with his first feature film: the surreal, thriller, dark comedy "The God Inside My Ear(which is set to be released through Gravitas Ventures on April 9th)!

Now, with his new film "Sister Tempest", Badon aims to create a strange mash up of cinematic elements from 60's B-movies to 70's Art House and 80's Body Horror!

The funding goal for the film is set at $25k. Badon's last film, The God Inside My Ear, was shot for just under $10k so it looks as if he can do a lot on a tiny budget.

Check out the kickstarter campaign here:

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