Monday, March 4, 2019

TIME FOR ILHAN opens Friday

With the film hitting VOD and having screenings for International Women's Day here is my review from last year's Tribeca Film Festival.

This portrait of Ilhan Omar who made history as the first Somali-American Muslim woman to hold elective office is a joyous celebration of the American system

Showing what it took to get elected this film brought a couple of tears to my eyes. This is a feel good film about how you can fight the system and how you can bring change if you really want it.

Following Ilhan from when she decides to run through the primary, where she effectively won the seat (the Republicans didn't put anyone up against her), through the troubles that arose via fake news and on to her taking her seat, this is good time with a great lady. That the film is as compelling as it is is due to entirely to Ilhan,who has a natural charm and charisma that makes her a natural. You an see why the political organizers wanted he to run.

What got me misty was the small human moments such as the absolute love and pride in the faces of her husband and dad when she won or the small but thundering moment when Ilhan's husband pulls her aside to simply say I love you.

Hands down it was one of the best films at Tribeca 2018 and is a must see.

The film is being release as part of a nationwide screening tour entitled "TIME FOR ILHAN Take Action" beginning on March 8th, 2019 to coincide with International Women's Day. The tour, which will consist of feature film screenings, panel discussions and a direct action component, aims to engage, activate and mobilize audiences to join the fight for a more representative, reflective democracy.

The film will also hit VOD/DVD on March 8th, 2019 to be available to audiences nationwide.

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