Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How To Be Alone (2019) SXSW 2019

A woman is left alone when her husband goes off for the night shift. She instantly goes into trying to remain sane and safe  by running down the rules of being alone at night.

Gloriously wonderful short film is as good as it gets on every level especially the entertainment one. Grand exploration of something we've all done- trying to fight the fear when left alone in a dark hose with a racing mind. While we know its all in our heroine's mind there is still chills as the dark images come calling.

No it is no truly scary hut more suspenseful and humorous, as director Kate Trefry manages to collide the fear with all fear with the silliness of what we are thinking. That a first time director can a horror comedy that works like this says volumes about her skill as a director. Please someone give her a feature film.

One of the great films of any length I've seen in 2019.

Highly recommended.

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