Sunday, August 21, 2022

Costa Brava, Lebanon (2022)


Family moves from Beirut to the country to get away from the pollution and corruption of the big city, only to find the government has decided the plot next to theirs is the perfect place for a garbage dump for all pf Beirut's garbage.

A good family drama about trying to flee  our troubles is overwhelmed by the need to fashion a tale that drives home the point a literally. I really liked the cast and the central premise but as soon as the garbage started coming in the family drama began to wobble with things that just took away from the subtlety. While it doesn't kill the film it hurts it since odds are anyone who is going to see this isn't going to need all the less subtle themes spelled out.

Despite being a disappointment the film is worth a look since hidden in the refuse is a solid drama worth taking time for. 

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