Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Forced Change (2022)


This is a pointer toward FORCED CHANGE which is being release today.

The film is the story of three families dealing with the changes brought by Hurricane Katrina. Though the storm was almost two decades ago the effects are still being felt today.

Filmed over 14 years the film is a document of what the families faced right after the storm and how they have fared over the years since. Not only do we see how they faced losing pretty much everything but also how they tried to put it all back together and how they cope living in a place that isn’t New Orleans, which they still consider their home.

This is a really good film that really shows the effects of one event hangs over everything that follows. It’s a wonderful portrait of the families involved and their stories really hit home.

And I can’t say more than that. Its not for any reason than I have recently seen several similar films  and I don’t have anything beyond THIS IS REALLY GOOD AND WORTH YOUR TIME to say about it. To that end if the subject interests you give FORCED CHANGE a shot.

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