Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ariela goes to Night School (2016) Tribeca 2016

1.2 million people drop out of high school a year. Night School is a documentary that tells the story of 3 people in Indianapolis,Indiana, who go back to school to get their high school diploma. Very few schools offer programs for adults to go back to school to get their high school diploma, most are GED programs which don't mean as much.

Greg is a 31 year old who dropped out of school because he felt school was the long route. He wanted to make money quickly and started selling drugs. He is now a single father who wants to better his life. He wants a career, not a job.

Melissa is a 53 year old who had a kid when she was 14 years old which caused her to drop out of school. She feels like she failed herself and wants to get her high school diploma to feel accomplished and better about herself.

Shynika is a 26 year old who just stopped going to school, who now wants to be a nurse and knows she has to get her high school diploma to do that.

They all face challenges. Greg has a past criminal history that he wants to get expunged. Melissa is struggling with passing Algebra and Shynika is trying to balance a job that doesn't care about her school schedule.

I loved this documentary. It was heartwarming and touching. I had been on a path of seeing sort of meh movies at TFF so it was refreshing to finally watch a really good one that moved me. I also hope that this documentary will inspire other cities and states to open programs for adults to get their high school diploma!

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  1. I am in complete accord with you here Steve. Great job!