Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tribeca 2016 Quotes

As I did last year here are a bunch of lines of dialog or narration from Tribeca films that stayed with me.

Everyone vomits, it's a party- ALL THIS PANIC

Ifw we only remember the good things about the ones we love, what do we lose?- MEMORIES OF THE PENITENT HEART

All Teddy Bears are nihilists - ADULT LIFE LESSONS

"Can you not text and drive, my life is in your hands."
"You're assuming I'm not trying to kill you"

Mom, why is life so full of pain and regret- LIFE, ANIMATED

Paintings are like nose jobs.- EVERYONE KNOWS...ELIZABETH MURRAY

You couldn't possibly know what's strange for this town -THE FIXER

"You ust can't go around shooting, where do you think we are?"

Honey is vomit- BUGS

It's not rocket science, it's straight forward...there's no rhyme or reason. - NY Times Morgue attendant describing how easy it is to find things in OBIT

Art has no value unless two or three people want it - MAURIZIO CATTELAN ...I'LL BE RIGHT BACK

We have art so we don't die of truth- MAURIZIO CATTELLAN...I'LL BE RIGHT BACK

No Matter how many battles you've been in you can always learn from someone else-WIN!

This looks like me if I was going to brutally repress some people- Jon Stewart in TICKLING GIANTS

The funniest joke ever is the one told at a funeral-TICKLING GIANTS

After Morsi, Egypt could have been lead by martians and been happy- TICKLING GIANTS

Scientists say we are made of atoms but a little bird told me we are made of stories- SHADOW WORLD

Politicians are like prostitutes only more expensive- SHADOW WORLD

I look for the crown but know the guillotine is in sight- JEREMIAH TOWER

If you did bad things but don't remember them are they still part of you? - LAVENDER

I'm just having a bad life but it will be over soon- POOR BOY

I'm making an action movie of my life called Double Dragon Fuck Off and Die - POOR BOY

Fred is dead because I didn't like his nipples- MY BLIND BROTHER

There are those who play music, those who dance to it and those rare few who can do both -MR CHURCH

New York would be great except for all the New Yorkers here- CURMUDGEONS

"Did you love grandma?"
"Sure I did she was a good mother and a fun drunk"- CURMUDGEONS

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