Monday, April 18, 2016


Five movies at Tribeca that kept me going from 9 am. It was a good day as I saw a good number of friends. As I've been doing I'm going to  do some capsules to keep thinks current and I'll be circling back with longer pieces over the next few days-tomorrow is my early day so it will be writing.

I need to say that the film FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK is a super film about Star Trek's Vulcan and the man who made it famous. I was a kid when the show originally ran and this film had me tearing up all through it. Year its a blast.

COMMAND AND CONTROL excellent PBS documentary (Its part of the American Experience series) about the explosion of a nuclear missile  in Arkansas in 1980. This is a frightening tale of almost disaster that will chill you to the bone as it makes you move to the edge of your seat as the heroics to stop nuclear annihilation make you wonder how they did it. One of the top of the top films at Tribeca (A full review is coming)

SOLITARY- A very good look at life in a Super Max prison in Virginia.  The prison was designed to keep all its guests in solitary  23 hours every day. We get to see life in the prion for both the prisoners and the guards. Its a troubling film that reveals the changes places like the cause in the people stationed there. Definitely worth a look either at Tribeca or when it runs on HBO.

THE RIDE bored me silly. Most of the audience either walked out or went to sleep. Nominally a record of an annual 300 mile trip by Native Americans in the Dakotas in honor of the men and women killed at Wounded Knee. A series of rides, chats in pick up trucks and nightly gatherings the film leaves a great deal out. I would have loved to have known  more about what they are doing and why. I'd also like a better sense of events. This seems to be simply a bunch of unconnected moments. I would have walked out but I had nowhere to go.Its a beautiful film but it bored me almost to the point of sleep.

COURTED is an absolute gem. Probably the biggest happy surprise of Tribeca this is a must see -especially since I don't know when this will show up at a theater near you. In France a stern judge finds that a woman with whom he has a a connection is picked for the jury of a case he is presiding over. Real characters and emotions make this an absolute joy. I'm not afraid that the end of the film had me getting misty. A full review is coming but until then just see this film.

THE BANKSY JOB is an amusing trifle. The story of an artist named AK 47 who got so pissed off when Banksy wouldn't sign a print he had bought that he stole a statue that the elusive artist had placed on a London street. Wishing to make a point he sent Banksy a ransom note... A funny little story is hurt because AK 47 comes off as a complete dick. While you admire his tenacity you have to wonder why he has any friends. I enjoyed the film but I don't need to see it again because he's such a jerk. Worth a look. (and stay into the credits for an update on things)


  1. We certainly are not in agreement on THE RIDE, a lovely documentary that for me is one of the best films of the Festival, but we are in full accord on Command and Control. I will be seeing Courted in a few days, and am very happy to read what you say here on it. Normally this type of film is my cup of tea. I saw Burgen last night which for me was a mixed bag despite the promising subject. Poor Boy? Well, I'll be nice.

  2. Well as it turns out I loved FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK and COURTED as well as the aforementioned THE RIDE and COMMAND AND CONTROL as noted.