Saturday, April 16, 2016

In Brief: El Clasico (2015) Tribeca 2016

Two brothers in the Kurdish territory of Iraq decide to set out to meet Cristiano Ronaldo of the Real Madrid soccer team as means of proving to the father of the woman he loves that he is worthy to be her husband. Taking his brother, a Barcelona fan, along the pair sets out on an adventure to do something big

Nice sweet film scores many bonus points by  largely staying away from cliches. By the time it  kind of turns into your typical feel good film at the end the film has earned the right to at least have a little schmaltz.

I'm guessing that the one thing most people are going to mention is that the role of the brothers are played by two real life brothers, who are little people. Both major fans of the football teams they root for in the film and an interview I read with the director they helped in shaping pieces of the film. It took a little while before I stopped thinking about whether the casting of the brothers was stunt casting and just let the story play out. To be honest the leads could have been any brothers, at the same time if they hadn't been cast odds are this nice gem of a film would never have gotten any notice, which would be a shame.

Definitely worth your time

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