Wednesday, April 20, 2016


It was a long day today. It started at 9 and ended 12 hours later after covering the red carpet for HIGH-RISE. I have 200 pictures to go through so expect lots of pictures.

KEEPERS OF THE GAME is about a girl's lacrosse team in Upstate New York. The team was started just as the school budget had to be cut and the lacrosse team was cut.  Fund raising kept the team alive but the team was splitting the Native American community in which many felt girls don't play lacrosse.  This is a solid little film that nicely explains the importance of lacrosse and of sports in the lives of people everywhere. The film also looks at the battle with in the Native American community between assimilating and following traditional ways.

PISTOL SHRIMPS maybe the funniest film at Tribeca. The story of a group of women, many actresses and writers in LA, who started a women's basketball league. An utterly charming and I have to say it again very funny film about sports and the need to compete and make friends. I was hesitant to give myself over but the women all won me to their side. HIGHLY recommended.

I saw KEEP QUIET which Ariela reviewed earlier in the festival. I have to concur with her and say its an excellent look at racist who suddenly found out he was Jewish.

KING COBRA is a head scratcher. The true story of a murder in the gay porn industry, the film feels unfocused and pointless. Why are we being told this story? I'm not sure since the film focuses on so many people that by the time it ends we're not sure what we are supposed to feel.  Looking like a cheap porn film made by one of the characters it looks like trash film which makes it harder to like despite some excellent acting  by several of the supporting players. One of the least films at Tribeca I'm still trying to work out why this is in the Midnight section, and even the festival itself.

14 MINUTES FROM EARTH the story of Google executive Alan Eustace's record breaking free fall from 25 miles up. A great tale is hurt by a cinematic style that makes it look like one of the endless History Channel or Discovery Channel shows that have lousy narration and pump everything up with effects and booming music. Its not entirely surprising since the directors work for the National Geographic Channel making shows that are exactly that. Its not bad but the presentation is so slick and the narration so purple that the film at times seems like a sales reel or a 15 minute TV segment bumped up to 85 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I like the film a great deal, but I wanted something that doesn't feel like so much stuff that's on TV. A Q&A followed with Eustace and the the directors and it was funny charming and more akin to what the film should have been (a report will be coming soon. (Serious Question- was I the only one in the theater tonight who bought his own ticket and didn't know someone connected to the film or the jump?)

I also saw MY BLIND BROTHER but because of the embargo I have to hold off saying anything until the embargo lifts tomorrow night.

MORE reports are coming-more pictures and long reviews. Keep checking back...

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