Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ariela reports on Ethan Hawke and Patti Smith at The Tribeca Film Festival

I went to my first ever Tribeca Talk Friday. It, was also the first talk of the festival with Patti Smith and Ethan Hawke.

Patti Smith and Ethan Hawke talked for 30 minutes, followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Ethan Hawke was supposed to be the moderator, but instead they decided to just have a conversation and share their stories.

They started by Patti Smith talking about loving the film Ethan Hawke did on Chet Baker, she wound up telling a story about how she wanted Chet to play trumpet on one of her songs on Horses, but he wanted $5,000 and she was working at the Strand bookstore at the time and couldn't afford it. She laughed and said she could afford him now.

They continued on and talked about theater for quite some time. Patti Smith talked about how she used to act a lot when she was younger and about how she dated Sam Shepard. She said that a lot of people glamourize celebrities but that "acting is the worst fucking job in the world” and that the rock n roll lifestyle is much better.

They both talked about how they write every day. Patti said if she doesn't write every day that she feels agitated. Writing makes her feel that she's working and feels it's important to feel that way.

They spoke about Patti's love for detective shows. She started watching Law and Order, I think in Paris, and wanted to come home and continue watching it, but didn't have a TV, so that's what made her decide to get a TV.

They talked about rituals before they perform. Patti Smith said she has none. Said she has no stage persona, that that's who she is. Ethan Hawke said his ritual is listening to Elvis Presley.

It was a very entertaining talk and I'm glad I went!

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