Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ariela on Folk Hero and Funny Guy (2016) Tribeca 2016

This film is about two friends. Jason, played by Wyatt Russell(son of Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell), who plays a successful folk singer, and Paul, played by Alex Karkpovsky (from Girls), who plays an unsuccessful stand up comic.

Jason asks Paul to come open up for him on tour, reluctant at first, but Jason reminds him he doesn't have much going on, and so he joins. He soon finds out it will just be the 2 of them driving from place to place in Jason's car.

The first night, they stop into a bar for food/drink and it's open mic night. The waitress recognizes Jason and says he has to play. They stay, they both perform and they also meet Bryn, played by the adorable Meredith Hagner, who sings and plays guitar. Jason winds up inviting Bryn to open up for them on tour & so the 3 of them go on tour together.

The movie was pretty good, all the characters are likable people, but it's not a very deep movie or one I would rave about, but I would recommend it for when it's on Netflix or whatnot.

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