Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tribeca Day 8 Capsules RESET, I VOTED?, AWOL and from Yesterday MY BLIND BROTHER

A good day at Tribeca seeing a couple of great films plus spending about four hours talking with friends afterward.

This was supposed to be my shortest day but the ling conversations stretched everything out.

RESET is about Benjamin Millepied (see above) who took over the Paris Opera Ballet. The film follows Millepied as he runs the Ballet and strives to create a new ballet for the up coming gala. This is a stunning film. One of the best dance films I've seen at Tribeca, which is saying a great deal. A wonderful film about creation and how having fun can be a game changer. It is an absolutely beautiful film with amazing music. I absolutely loved this film and it jumped on to my best of the fest list.

I VOTED? is a damning look at the way America votes electronically. Simply put the machines don't work right, can be hacked and resulted in at least one man getting a nomination that he probably didn't earn. Its a scary film that makes you realize that we really need to vote on paper. A must see film that will rick your freaking world.

AWOL is the story of two women who fall in love and ... I really didn't care. The 72nd film I saw at Tribeca didn't thrill me and I cut my losses at a certain point and walked out. I never connected to the story or the characters, got annoyed by the clunky music cues and wondered about the need for the sex scenes.

Yesterday I saw MY BLIND BROTHER. Because of the embargo I couldn't review it until it screened. The story of a guy who lives in the shadow of his absolute dick of a blind brother who spends his life doing athletic  challenges for charity. He finally meets the girl of his dreams- at the funeral of her fiance who died after she said hated his nipples- but she flees feeling he too will die. As luck would have it the girl ends up volunteering to help the brother and sparks fly with both brothers. Which brother will get the girl. A funny touching comedy that would be on the best films of Tribeca except that I loath the blind brother so much I he made the film a tough haul for me. Obviously he's supposed to be hateful but this is a bit too much. Still the film is highly recommended

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