Friday, April 29, 2016

In Brief: Courted (2015) Tribeca 2016

COURTED is an absolute gem. Probably the biggest happy surprise of Tribeca this is a must see -especially since I don't know when this will show up at a theater near you.

In France a stern judge finds that a woman with whom he has a a connection is picked for the jury of a case he is presiding over. A strict jurist he isn't liked by many people, though he is respected, his life is in flux since he is getting a divorce and is living in a hotel. The juror in question is a lovely lady to whom he was attracted.  Quietly asking for a drink he hopes to connect once more..

In no way a mystery or thriller this is just a great drama about two souls circling each other. The fact that the characters  are are real and that the emotions expressed are relateable make this an absolute joy.

I'm not afraid to say that the end of the film had me getting misty.

I can't say enough good about the film. I hadn't intended on seeing it but when a friend suggested that another film might be bad, I went to see this instead and ended up seeing one of my favorite films at Tribeca.

Track this one down and keep your eye out for it because it will utterly delight you.

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