Monday, April 25, 2016

In Brief:Actor Martinez (2016) Tribeca 2016

Love it or Loath it film abut an actor who decides to have filmmakers make a film about himself.

I really don't like this film. Its a multi level film full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Its a pretentious self important film that tries to deal with the various layers of film film and reality- the Martinez's real life, the film about him, the film we are watching about it all. and so on but it never really works because we are painfully aware of the manipulations.

Its a 70 minute exercise in inde navel gazing.

Worse it's the sort of pompous film that isn't the worst film to come down the pike but is exactly the sort of thing where I want to spit vitriol at because I can be clever, but which I refuse to do because the film just isn't worth the effort to spend more time than I have to tell you to avoid this forgettable and soon to be lost film.

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  1. I avoided it as I am really no fan at all of Silver. At all.