Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dead Slow Ahead (2015) Art of the Real 2016

Must be seen on a big screen film is a visually over powering film that frequently reduces it's subject to a kind of hypnotic abstraction. The film records the the trip of a cargo ship from the Ukraine to New Orleans though the trip could be to almost any where.

Normally I dislike these sort of films.  The abstractions and experimental nature of similar films frequently grow tedious for me and I zone out and fall asleep. With DEAD SLOW AHEAD that didn't happen. Some how the abstractions remained captivating all through out. Actually it wasn't until some of the more normal shot invaded the film toward the end that I kind of found myself less than enraptured.

At the risk of losing friends and influencing enemies I'm going to tell you that unless you can see this on a big screen in the dark with a minimum of distractions you may want to skip this film. This is the sort of film where you have to click with it and fall under it's spell, Watching it small or in a place where your eye can be distracted by other things you'll never connect.

This film Plays April 21st

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