Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ariela on Dreamland (2016)

Dreamland is the story of Monty Fagon, played by the adorable Johnny Simmons.

Monty is in a relationship that doesn't seem to be working and is living with his girlfriend and her crazy mother. Monty is a piano player who has dreams of opening his own piano bar, but is only giving piano lessons for $25 a lesson to kids.

One day he gets a call that a fancy hotel/piano bar needs a sub. Monty excitedly rides there on his motor bike and winds up playing there for several days. While playing, he meets an older attractive married woman, named Olivia.

Olivia seduces him, says she has arrangements with her husband and they soon become lovers, and she even starts writing out checks to Monty to help him with his dream. He asks if she's his sugar mama, but to her, it's play money. I don't want to spoil what happens.

This film was fun and entertaining. It's also relateable-someone trying to follow their dreams. It wasn't too deep a movie but I definitely enjoyed it. It's the directorial debut of Robert Schwartzman, brother of Jason Schwartzman. I loved the music in it, and turns out it's all original music by Robert Schwartzman(who I later found out is the singer of the band Rooney, I remember some friends used to like them).

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  1. Probably my least favorite film of any I saw at Tribeca so far though Holidays and Tripping Giants come close to that designation of infamy. Still, I greatly respect your opinion and am happy that the film is working for some.

    Last night I saw Children of the Mountain, which I consider the best film of the entire Festival and a likely winner tomorrow of the Jury Prize for foreign language narrative.