Friday, April 15, 2016

Ariela looks at love as shown in MADLY (2016) Tribeca 2016

I was looking forward to seeing MADLY. It was described as several stories made by different directors that explore love in different parts of the world. I thought this would be romantic,sweet and heartwarming, but it was anything but.

MADLY was six short stories;

Clean Shaven which took place in India and showed the end of a marriage after a woman shaved her public hair. This one was good but was also intense and depressing.

Afterbirth  If you want to hear a baby crying for 10 minutes or however long this short is, then see this. It made me cringe and made my ears bleed. Didn’t like this one at all.

Dance Dance Dance was my favorite of the bunch. It was very sad though. About a teenage boy who tells his family that he’s gay and they kick him out. Very relevant for this day in age and was well done. I would recommend this one. Very sad, intense too.

Love of Love took place in Japan and was about a family going to underground sex clubs. It was entertaining, but was very bizarre and twisted.

Love of My Life is directed by Gael Garcia Bernal and tells the story of a couple and how their relationship is affected by her pregnancy. Snoozefest. I think I dozed off during this one.

I Do which was about a girl who was about to get married..this one was just odd too.

I’d say skip this series, but if you can see Dance Dance Dance on its own, I’d recommend it.

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