Thursday, April 28, 2016

Burden (2016) Tribeca 2016 repost

BURDEN is a great portrait of artist Chris Burden who gained infamy by being shot as piece of art.

The film is wonderful overview of Burden's life and career that explores his early confrontational style and how that all changed once he set up his big shop in California.

If you only know his early work the film will surprise the hell out of you as you discover how good an artist he really was and why he did what he did. I was enthralled once we got past the performance pieces.

Interestingly there were lots of walk outs in the early part of the film as if people thought it was all confrontation. You have to stay past the craziness since that isn't what the film or the artist is really about. Once the performance art goes away and the film becomes something greater. I spoke with several critics at Tribeca over the course of the festival all of whom were ready to bail on the film only to have the film flip and become one of the truly great films at the festival.

One of the best surprises at Tribeca. (I should mention that the film is even more interesting if you see THE FAMILY FANG since Burden is mentioned in the film and his performance pieces are clear influences on the elder Fangs)

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