Sunday, April 17, 2016

Demimonde (2015) Dallas International Film Festival 2016 4/19

Sometimes style over substance works. Sometimes when you have style to burn you can take a slight narrative and make a kick ass film, such as in the case of Demimonde.

The story of three women, a social climbing demimonde, her house keeper and the young maid who comes to work with them. The relationship between the women is frequently changing as mistress and housekeeper circle each other in a love hate relationship and the young maid tries to take it all in and learn how to improve her station. We know it all ends badly since the film begins with the discovery of a body floating in a basket in a river.

The story isn’t the most revelatory one you’ll find, we’ve seen stories like this before, however the cinematography is absolutely stunning. I love the look and feel of the film which transports us back to the years before the First World War blew Europe apart. I love the explosions of movement that add life to the seemingly sedate proceedings. It’s a visual manifestation of all the pent up tension hiding under the surface.

This is a great great film and I can’t wait to wade in and see it again when I can just lose myself in it and enjoy it without having to review it.

Highly recomended

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