Friday, April 15, 2016

The Loner (2016) Tribeca 2016

A former Iranian boy soldier has walked away from his life in crime family with the hope of becoming a real estate agent. However a bad choice to sit in at a poker game brings him back to his old life putting his and his friends lives in danger.

A  1980's throwback with it's synth score and popping neon imagery THE LONER is a neon neo noir film that hits just about every film noir trope you can think of. While normally that would be a detriment to most films here it works to help move things along, filling in details and adding to the mood of the proceedings.

This is a good little film. Its a nice small scale film noir that does everything right. To be certain it doesn't reinvent the wheel but it does make one that allows the film to chug along in an entertaining way.

While this isn't a great film, this is the sort of film that I can see becoming one of those films that becomes an old friend and something you watch very time it's on.

Recommended for those who want a good little film.

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