Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ariela on the Tribeca Tune:Grace and Frankie

I went to my first TriBeCa Tune In at TriBeCa Film Festival. This was the first year they included TV shows. I went to the first one, which happened to be for one of my favorite shows, Grace and Frankie. I was really excited when I saw it listed, and my mom joined me as well.

The event started by screening the first 2 episodes of Season 2, which were both funny, and required tissues for my teary eyes. They announced Season 3 is going to start filming soon, which caused the audience to cheer.

After the 2 episodes ended, the lovely Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin took the stage.

Their talk was so great. They play off each other, just like they do on the show!

They've been friends for years. During the interview they discussed their wages, relationships, deep vaginal orgasms (Lily Tomlin said we'll find out what that's about in season 2!) and their friendship.

Jane Fonda talked about her current boyfriend and how he's kind and how important dating someone kind is and that she had never dated someone kind before. She also said she admired Lily Tomlin's long term relationship.

They spoke about aging. Jane Fonda proudly told everyone she's 78 and that she feels bad for younger people because life is so much better now. Tomlin agreed and said that she pities the younger people.

Jane Fonda also spoke about how she went into therapy after Season 1 of Grace and Frankie, because she didn't feel that she did a good job. She said she comes from a family of depression and has a lot of self doubt which I found so interesting, considering how successful she is. She seems to really appreciate Lily Tomlin's laugh and natural humor.

They seem to work really well together. The new season is being released on Netflix on May 6th.

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