Saturday, June 18, 2016

Kingsman (2015)

Kingsman is a blast. The story of a group of secret agents working outside of government control is simply a great deal of bloody fun.

The film follows Eggsy, a 20 something young man with potential crapped on by life. Living in council flats and unemployed he is abused at every turn. When he steals a car and wrecks it he calls a number on a medal he was given as a boy by Colin Firth. Firth is a member of the Kingsmen and he sees potential in the young man. He then gets Eggsy into the screening process for the Kingsmen. Meanwhile super rich baddy Samuel L Jackson is plotting to wipe out humanity via a signal sent via his free phone service.

With tongue in cheek (Jackson hates blood) and non-stop action Kingsman has been rightly hailed as one of 2015’s great treasures. One of the highest rated films on IMDB the film just kicks ass from start to finish. It takes James Bond craziness and pushes it even farther. Fully aware it’s a film and not reality, the film just takes things to ridiculous lengths, such as a massacre in a church that is both stomach churning and amazing at it’s choreography. Clearly computer enhanced the film simply uses it to its advantage. As some have said, it’s a truly one of the more amazing set pieces you’ll ever see.

Additionally he film doesn’t go where you think it will. As is said several times during the course of the film “this isn’t the sort of film where----“. Once the line is said (and even when it’s not) the film does something completely unexpected. I’m not going to say what happens but more than once I was shocked at the turn of events.

And it’s all a great deal of fun. If you like over the top action this is the film for you.

Best of all a sequel is in the works.


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