Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Therapy for a Vampire (2014)

Count von Közsnöm is absolutely unhappy. Married for 500 years to a woman he has grown weary of drives him to the offices of Sigmund Freud. As Freud tries to help the vampire the vampire gets mixed up with an artist who is help illustrate one of Freud's book and his girlfriend. Much merriment ensues.

This is a very knowing, very silly farce that is either going to thrill you or make you shake your head. You have to be willing to go along with it's very broad strokes or else this is going to be a long haul. This isn't to imply the film is bad only that the film is very much a comedy where the humor isn't going to play well for all audiences.

I  found the film amusing. I genuinely have affection for the film which kept me smiling for its entire running time.

I suspect that the reason I didn't fall rapturously in love with the film is that the the film's vampire sections aren't anything new. As a person who has misspent much of his life watching horror films and horror comedies I've seen much of this before. The film plays like some one had raided the best horror comedies of a similar bend and stole the best jokes. I mean how many mirror jokes have their been over the last hundred years?

At the same time the sequences with the artist's put upon girlfriend Lucy are an absolute delight. She is clearly way too good for him and even when her story drifts into the well worn territory it remains compelling because actress Cornelia Ivancan is just so damn good.


Opening Friday in New York and LA the film will then open around the country.

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