Wednesday, June 1, 2016

In Brief:Time to Choose (2016) a great film is going to get lost in the shuffle

Oscar Isaac narrates Oscar winner Charles Fergueson's extremely well put together look at climate change and what has to be done to stop it.

Billed as the first film to get it the climate change crisis right, TIME TO CHOOSE may very well be, but it sadly is wading into theaters and VOD markets in the midst of a huge glut of similar, and unfortunately lesser films. As well done and well made as this film is anyone with any interest in the subject is going to have seen at least three, probably more similar films this year. I myself have seen I don't know how many and I even have several more slotted to be reviewed.

I am sick to death of climate change films. Its not that I don't like the subject, its just that the films are similar with talking heads, melting glaciers and scenes of famine. There is very little variation in their structure and once you've seen two or thee you feel you've seen them all. I don't really want to see another one anytime soon.

And because probably the rest of the world is feels similarly  this excellent film is going to get completely lost in the shuffle. There are simply too many films on the subject and they all look and sound similar-even TIME TO CHOOSE.This doesn't mean we should stop talking about it, we just need filmmakers who can make a point more creatively.

The similar presentation aside TIME TO CHOOSE may really be the best of the bunch, with beautiful vistas, engaging talking heads and all of the material presented in such away that it will actually sink in. Its a film that really should be up for an Oscar because it's really that good. This really could be the film to change things, if people would realize there is additional information here.

I really like this film a great deal...I just wish it had come along first or away from all the other films, then I would have loved it.

The cliche pull quote for the film is going to be "If you see one climate change film...." except in this case it's true.

TIME FOR CHANGE opens Friday in theaters and is highly recommended.

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