Sunday, June 5, 2016

nightcap 6/5/16 Why so many best films and Randi's links

I’ve been seeing a lot of exceptional films lately. I’ve also been seeing more than my share of real drek. I have no idea how many films I’ve seen this year- to be honest I was keeping track, but as I do every year sometime around the end of February I stopped. I got tired of trying to remember everything I was watching, yes it’s easy to write down anything I’m reviewing but I watch so much for the hell of it. Old favorites and stuff that just isn’t going to make the site.

One of the things that hit me this week was there have been a bunch of films almost certainly going to end up on my end of the year list. In Particular ART BASTARD, HOOLIGAN SPARROW and STARLESS DREAMS (reviews of tghe last two the next two days) all kicked my butt to the point that they have to be remembered at years end. Yes there have been a large number of films that I’ve considered “best”. The films have been that good

But at the same time consider that there are huge number of films I’ve seen that aren’t even close- most you’ll never hear about. Additionally odds are there is going to be many weeks with coming up without such a pronouncement.

And of course- any of you who are long time readers know- my year end lists are long…because I see too many movies.

And now Randi's links

Stephen King and Kubrick
Samurai Champloo
Military Evolution In Star Wars
Michael McKean starts to tell his story
Jack Benny vs Fred Allen 6/1/47
Lillian Feidman-the first woman to receive a screen credit on an American cartoon
Constructing a game show
Geek Culture is broken but it does have a harassment problem
Mike Mignola says goodbye to Hellboy
Children's illustrators open up their studios
the last cassette factory
Watching ROCKY 2 with Muhammad Ali

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