Sunday, June 26, 2016

Links and stuff from Randi and the Unseen team because intriguing stuff never stops showing up

Just because we're in to the crazy period where New York Asian beeds into Japan Cuts which bleeds into Fantasia and are posting like made it doesn't mean that nightcap stuff doesn't top appearing- so to appease the handful of crazies who love the links we share here's a bunch from the last couple of weeks.

Japan Crate- monthly candy deliveries
Time Lapse of Tokyo
30 Minutes of  THE DAY THE CLOWN CRIED have surfaced
Confessions of a zookeeper
Hitting a glass bottomed bridge with a sledgehammer
Idiocracy makers to do anti-trump ads
The Killing Joke
How to stop ums
Henry Rollins on Dr Suess
THere was a 5th housemate in the YOUNG ONES house
Japan's porn industry apologizes about coercion 
North Korea blows the propaganda war
I'll Say She is

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