Sunday, June 12, 2016

Nightcap 6/12/16 Festivals, NYAFF, A Metrograph visit, picture problems, Books Actually and Randi's links

Why does Unseen cover some festivals and not others?

Ideally Unseen would cover every festival and every film that comes down the pike but that isn’t possible. Even if we were aware of every festival I’d be just posting on all of the festivals that are happening every week.

Why do we cover what we do?

The real answer is its combination of the fests we know are coming and will cover come hell or high water(NYFF, NYAFF, Tribeca, DOC NYC, NY International Children’s Film Festival, Fantasia, Japan Cuts, BHFF) and its mixed with those things we know of and may get to (Slamdance, BAMcinema Fest, lots of Lincoln Center stuff) and its mixed with things that are thrown at us (Telluride Mountain Festival, Dances With Films).

We’re also lucky that the PR people who work with some great out of town and in town festivals (Oxford, Dallas, Boston Underground, Portland) throw stuff our way. Its "Hey Steve would you do something with this festival." More often than not I will. I’m more than happy to do a curtain raiser if nothing else. This has been the real delight over the last few years since I've discovered some amazing things.

 We cover the old stuff we love and anything new that looks cool.

Ultimately Unseen Films loves film festivals and we'll keep bringing you whatever we run across
Speaking of festivals I've started in getting coverage together for The New York Asian Film Festival.

I have tickets for half the films and I'm working on the other half in one way or another. I do want to say one thing which may not be obvious- make the effort to go see the noon shows on the weekends. I've seen the the films screening that first weekend at noon- WHAT A WONDERFUL FAMILY and THE LAUNDRYMAN and both are must sees for one reason or another.

I'm mentioning it because the early shows always seem not to be packed. If its not a big film or an appearance people skip the films. Don't skip these films.

And on the basis of what I've seen, this years festival looks to be better than last year.

Reviews will becoming in a week- but buy lots of tickets because it looks like this year is going to be a blast.
I finally made it to Metrograph in New York.

This two screen theater with a cafe has been the talk of the repertory cinema in NYC with its killer mix of old school film series and new releases. Everyone I know has been beating the drum for the theater and I hesitated because I thought it was out of the way until I realized how close it was to the F.

Publicist Michael Liberman showed me around before the screening of COSMOS (look for a review this week) and its was really cool. Because I was there early I got a chance to try out seats in all the rows and I have a pretty good idea where to sit.

I like it.

Look for reports from the cheap seats
If you haven't noticed we are running into off and on trouble with some of the images on the site. Its my own doing- it has to do with the fact I've linked to stuff from Tumblr and Tumblr is farting around. I'm going to have to do something about the old stuff and I'm working on correcting the new stuff

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Lian Hearn’s Fantasy Epic ‘The Tale of Shikanoko
a 360 degree presentation from HAMILTON
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