Friday, June 10, 2016

in brief: CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR (2016)

Hitting theaters and various on demand platforms today CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR stars Nick Jonas as a young man who gets mixed up with the wrong woman.

The plot of the film has relative innocent getting mixed up with the young wife (Isabel Lucas) of a wealthy older man (Dermot Mulroney). Sparks fly, the husband dies and then things get complicated.

It hard to really review a film like this. Not because it's bad but because its so middle of the road there is nothing to say. A great cast is given a good, if well worn script and they make a go at it. Its the staple film noir plot done in the day light of a resort community.  I liked the film. Its a wonderful little popcorn film. Its not the best thing ever to come down the pike but it is entertaining.

Should you see it?

If you like films like this give it a go. Just don't expect Oscar material.(then again considering some recent Oscar nominees this is a hell of a lot more entertaining).

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