Saturday, June 4, 2016

Human Rights Film Festival starts in New York Friday

The one of the most terrible things cinematically is that we need to have a festival like the one run by Human Rights Watch. We should not have to worry about anyone’s rights. HRW should not need to exist.

If Human Rights Watch must exist (and sadly it must) then we should have the film festival they run. We should have it because it helps to get the word out and helps bring change. And for a less dire reason, we should have it because they show damn good films. HRWFF is one of the film years biggest delights (or as much as it can be considering the subject matter).

I have been a fan of the festival for years. I think Unseen has been covering it every year since we’ve been in existence. It is a festival we will cover every year until we stop reviewing films or the need for films like these to exist ends. It’s a festival giving us some of the best films (full stop) of the year, they just happen to be on subjects that are about human rights violations.

Once again this year we’re going heavy into the fray and we’ll have reviews of most of the films either through old reviews or because starting Monday we will be running a bunch more. As in years past it’s a solid collection of films with some real stand outs.

Because I’ve already reviewed some of the titles elsewhere I’ve provided links below.,

ALMOST SUNRISE (a must see)
HIGH SUN (recommended)

SONITA is the closing film. Its a portrait of a young woman from Tehran who wants to be a hip hop star and the path she takes to get there. A rough a round the edges film, its a very good look at something we really don't think about, namely hip hop from Iran.

I also highly recommend STARLESS DREAMS and HOOLIGAN SPARROW. Both ill kick you to the curb.

For information and tickets go here.

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