Thursday, March 3, 2011

And now for sheer insanity...

And now the insanity starts, both for me and the film going season here in New York.

First off Film Comment Selects is winding down. Tonight the final two films play Lincoln Center and I’ll be there. First up is Burke and Hare with Director John Landis in attendance. That’s followed by Insidious, which I’m hearing whispers saying its really scary.

Also tonight is the start of Rendez-vous with French Cinema. It’s running all over New York City for most of the next three weeks.(Check the Lincoln Center and IFC Theater websites) I’m going to three screenings this weekend, assuming I remain up right.

Friday is the start of the New York International Children’s Film Festival. That runs weekends at a variety of locations. I’m going to 8 screenings over the four weekends. (Act now if you want tickets since many things are sold out)

The Japan Society starts a Yakuza film series next week and that runs through until the 20th. I don’t think I’ll be making any screenings since I have too many conflicts…though I may squeeze a few in.

On the 16th and running to the 20th Lincoln Center is doing a 13 film retrospective of Takashi Miike’s films which was put together with Subway Cinema (NYAFF). The director will be in the house for some of the screening including his new on 13 Assassins. All of the films screening are worth your time.

After that is New Directors New Films. That’s a co-presentation between Lincoln Center and MOMA of 25 new films by relatively new filmmakers. I’ll be seeing a bunch of films and I’ll report in.

After that is the DC Film Festival in early April and Tribeca at the end of April.

(And lets not for get the Korean Films at the Tribeca cinemas)

There practical up shot is that there will lots of extra posts beyond our regular one film a day. As is the norm, we'll post brief posts as we go and then farm out longer posts a sometime later.

Please keep reading every day because there is a great deal of really good stuff coming...

...or better yet and the real reason I'm telling you about all these things, get out and go see some of them yourself and then come back and compare notes with me.

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