Sunday, March 13, 2011

Eagles Over London (1969)

Using the chaos of the Dunkirk evacuation as a cover, several German agents take on the identities of English soldiers in order to gain access to England and take out the radar installations. One Captain aware of the ruse has to track the men down and stop them before the Germans can bomb England into surrendering.

Good, if a bit long, spy story set in London. there are several action set pieces that are quite good, though they suffer a great deal in pan and scan because of the use of multiple images. (I saw this in a pan and scan edition, however it was recently released in a wisescreen edition that I'll pick up when I get a few more pennies.) This is the sort of film that grabs you from the first couple of moments and then drags you along at its conclusion. I really liked this I just wish that I had seen it widescreen.

Worth searching out.

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