Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Love Happens (2009)

This is an odd little film.

It was billed as a romance or romantic comedy, and I went into thinking that is what it was. However it's more a drama with romance than a romance (its not really a romantic comedy).

The plot has Aaron Eckhart as a self help guru who is giving a seminar in the home town of his deceased wife. He still hasn't processed his wife's death in a car accident and is uncomfortable by the appearance of his wife's parents. In to the mix comes Jennifer Aniston as a photographer to whom he is attracted. How he reacts to everyone and begins to realize what is going on with in himself is what the film is all about.

Its a touchy feelie weepy of sorts with a dose of romance added. When I first saw it I was really not sure what I thought of it. It was a couple of days after I first saw it that I realized that the film was still hanging around with me, still making me talk about it and ponder what happened that I realized just how good the film was.

As good as it is, its easy to see why it hasn't found an audience since the title is misleading and its not to "rom com" it was advertised as. If you can get past the uncalled for expectations then I think you'll find you've found a neat little film that you'll return to again and again.

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