Sunday, March 13, 2011

A busy week in New York Film going...(corrected)

This is a mad week to be a film fan in the New York City area.

Tuesday Night the Korean Cultural Service is running Yobi the Five Tailed Fox. a wonderful animated film we reviewed last year. It's free and it starts at 7PM at the Tribeca Cinemas.

The Japan Society's Yakuza series continues all week and it has a great number of must see films.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center along with Subway Cinema are running a retrospective of Takashi Miike films starting Wednesday. There are several premieres including 13 Assassins. And unfortunately Miike had to cancel. Details at the Subway Cinema Blog. (sorry I didn't catch this earlier and had the post went up with the error-I did this way in advance and didn't check things until now.)

Next weekend is the New York International Children's FIlm Festival goes for it's third week. Many fils have sold out, but they keep adding screenings so check the website.

Friday The Butcher, The Chef and The Swordsman is getting a US release on the same day as it's released in Asia. Details can be found here. There is links to the films US website to the cities where it's playing across the US.

Monday the multi-film packages go on sale to non-American Express Card holders plus the "rest" of the films screening are announced (What I mean by the rest is the films they have locked in for now, they always add a few more down the line).

For me the week is getting off with a bang with possibly a big screen screening of Empire of Silver, a film I saw on DVD several weeks ago, and liked but I didn't love. It's an epic story of a family involved in banking and how the search for the next heard of the family, mixed with the political situation sets the course of the family during the Boxer Rebellion. I described it in my notes as a trashy summer novel by way of a Russian epic. I've been mixed on it but kind of feel the big screen and a viewing that wasn't at 1AM might improve my opinion.

Also this week I'm attending some press screenings for the New Directors New Films series at Lincoln Center and MOMA. I'll post an overview of what I see next week when the series starts and follow it up with full reviews later. Take a look now if you think you might be interested in anything since the series tends to sell out and the tickets have just gone on sale to the general public after series holders and members got a crack at them.

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