Monday, March 7, 2011

Tribeca 2011 announces some titles

Tribeca has announced a chunk of the films that they will be showing. These are the films that are in competition.. The list can be found at the Tribeca website in the side bar. It's a mixed bag. There are a bunch of interesting titles, more that I would gladly see on cable then paying to see in the theater, but that may change as I find out more about them.

Multi-ticket plans have gone on sale for American Express Card Holders. Package for the rest of us mortals go on sale next week when most of the rest of the film titles are announced.

I'm considering getting another ticket package, but I have to really think it over since the cost of seeing the films with a package is much more expensive then buying the tickets on an individual basis. The sole advantage to buying a package is that you'll get a seat (One of my big complaints with Tribeca is that the festival has so many comps that lots of things seemed sold out when in fact they aren't).

As many of you know I'm very ambivalent toward the festival, which seems to be all about the atmosphere instead of the films. Most people I know are baffled that I'm considering going this year. The reason I'm considering it is that some of the films last year were very good, especially in retrospect. I'm the sort of person who'll suffer through a great deal of crap in order to find a real gem. Besides I know what I'm getting into this year.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

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