Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Skeptic (2009)

Go with me on this one- its one of those films that on the basis of the cast you'll think is a complete joke- but it's not. In all honesty the only reason this film isn't better known is the casting which I know turns off most people. Don't let it fool you, this is, simply put, one of the most under rated horror films of the last couple of years.

This is a surprisingly good horror film about an unemotional married man who's aunt dies leaving him her house. With his marriage in trouble (his wife would like him to show some emotion over something) he moves into the house as part of trial separation. Unfortunately he begins have odd experiences, hearing voices and seeing his dead mother. Further complications arise when it appears the house wasn't left to him but a researcher in sleep deprivation with a side interest in ghosts. As things progress it becomes clear that to unlock the secrets of the house might open doors on dark family secrets.

Timothy Daley and Tom Arnold (don't laugh) headline a really good little thriller. Not jump out of your seat scary the film does generate a good amount of tension while firing off appropriate one liners about the situation. Never crossing the line into silliness the film manages to remain solid thrill ride that held my attention to the end.

At a time when I'm frequently running across films I lose interest in almost instantly or jumping to the end of so I know how it comes out its so nice to find a movie that not only keeps me watching to the end, it keeps me up until late at night doing so.

If there is any flaw in this small scale gem, its that the casting of Daley, Arnold and other TV stalwarts which makes the film feel as though its less than it is. My thought was how can any film with this many TV actors be good? Trust me it is. As I said its not jump out of your seat scary but it is satisfying and well done.

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