Saturday, March 12, 2011

Three FIlms at The New York International Children's Film Festival

It's been a long day and I'll be doing longer reviews down the road... but for now know that I, Mondocurry and Shigeko attended three good films at this years NYICFF.

First up was the French animated film The Storytelling Show. It's a wonderful, hysterically funny tale of father who's kids enter him in a televised storytelling contest. Wonderfully off color and off kilter (there are poo and fart jokes) this is a film that should be destined a spot on the classic shelf. I'm going to write this up, but for now, if you have a chance see this kids.

Welcome to the Space Show is a good, but over long and rather slow story of a group of kids who rescue a wounded alien and are rewarded with trip into space. It's a real feast for the eye and the plot, if it moved faster, is pretty good. The trouble is that the film runs way over two hours and feel like three times that. I liked it but at the same time I fought to stay awake. Worth a look see on DVD but in a theater, I'd take a pass.

Time of Eve was the feature version of a series that had it's first episode screened at last year at the film festival. Its a story of men and androids who pass through a coffee house with the title for a name. The premise is that the cafe is a place where the two can meet and interact as equals. It's wonderful romance who's only flaw is that the story doesn't end with the end of the film. It's the sort of thing you want to continue on with. I'm going to do a fuller review later, but if you can, see it.

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