Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In Brief:High Strung (2016) opens Friday

HIGH STRUNG has a virtuoso violinist meeting a group of modern dancers and falling from a classically trained dance student.

I'm going to to be brief here, not because the film is bad, it's not. Rather I'm going to be brief simply because I don't have a great deal to say.

HIGH STRUNG is another film in the well worn genre of the mixing of styles of  music and dance that results in something special. Its a genre that has been done hundreds of times through out cinema's history and there are versions that go back even further. The basic story is such that unless you can dress it up the film ends up being a big been there and done that. HIGH STRUNG avoids the pitfalls.

Actually the story here isn't anything special. Once you know the payers you'll be able to fill in the plotline pretty much point by point. Fortunately HIGH STRUNG soars in when we get to the music and dance.  The sequences where the music is made and the dancers are dancing are truly special and they lift this film up and away from the pack of a very crowed genre. The sequences are so good that I would gladly watch them again, or in a few cases over and over again. I've seen way too many similar films over the last few years and I can't remember the names of any of them (nor would I want to remember most of them)  but I suspect that I'll remember this film and it's excellent blending of classical and modern music and dance into something special

Recommended especially if you are a fan of music and dance.

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