Saturday, April 2, 2016

KINO starts Friday and every film is a must see

KINO the annual look at German film is coming back starting Thursday and it's a must see.

How much of a must see? Every year we've covered pretty much every film they've screened. The films simply don't suck and the schedule always has titles that end up on out year end lists for excellence.

The trouble with this years festival is that they moved it to just before the Tribeca Film Festival is starting so the screenings conflict with the Tribeca press ones. We physically can't be in two places at the same time so we're playing a wait and see game and hoping to get to some of the screenings next weekend.

However we have already seen HEAVY HEART at Toronto and recommend it and reviews will be coming of THE FASSBINDER STORY and B MOVIE (Both of which I highly recommend)

Since you a aren't conflicted there is no reason you can't go to KINO. Here is the schedule 

Go see something, this is truly one of the best festivals you'll see all year.

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