Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In Brief: FLOCK OF DUDES (2016)

I hate to say this FLOCK OF DUDES is charming as all hell and a complete and utter surprise of the best kind. I wanted so much to hate the film so I could turn it off and then move on to something else but instead I fell under its spell and was carried along straight on to the end...and then was tempted to give it another go right away (that last part is a rave).

The plot of the film has 30 something man boy Adam getting into deep crap with his girl friend when what is supposed to be a quick drink with his buddies ends up a bar crawl on barcycle that ends with him showing up trashed at the restaurant where he is supposed to meet his girlfriends parents. He is dumped and he decides that its time for the gang to break up and for everyone to become adults.

And you know where this is going... because there is nothing new here and you won't care because the film is so damn charming you can't help but smile...and stay with it despite wanting to go off and watch something else/

Surprisingly well written with a cast of well known and not so well know faces FLOCK OF DUDES doesn't do anything new, but it does it so well you really don't care. This is the sort of a movie that you watch once, like, then catch again on TV and watch again...and again and again. The guys and gals in the films become like family and suddenly you have a new favorite film.

I have to say that the reason the film works is that the script and the cast (Chris D’Elia, Bryan Greenberg, Eric Andre, Brett Gelman, Jeff Ross, Melissa Rauch, Marc Maron, Jamie Chung, Hannibal Buress, Kumail Nanjiani, Hannah Simone, Skylar Astin, Hilary Duff, and others) make all of the characters the sort of people we'd hang out with. Sure they can be jerks at times, but basically they are good people who we like.

High art? Hell no. Entertaining, absolutely.


Opens September 30th in Los Angeles at Laemmle Noho 7
Opens October 7th in New York at City Cinemas Village East
Available on iTunes September 30th

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