Thursday, September 22, 2016

Soul Mate (2016)

Anseng's life is upset when a a journalist asks her questions about an online serial- "isn't she the Anseng of the popular story? Wasn't July, the author, he best friend growing up?" The journalist has talked to people in her old home town and everyone seems to think so.  Anseng says "no", she's not the girl, and she doesn't know July. Soon after Anseng meets Sui Jia-ming, a man who knew both girls on the subway. "How is July" he asks? I don't know she replies we drifted apart three years earlier...

Thus begins SOUL MATE the story of Anseng and her friend July. From there Anseng begins to read the story and suddenly everything that happened between the girls/women comes rushing back. Its a great little film that will almost assuredly have you wiping tears from your eyes somewhere along the way.

Opening in the US a week after it opens in China, SOUL MATE is a super little drama.  While not exactly the sort of film that is high on my must see list, I hate weepie films, I found that as I watched the film I quickly fell under it's spell. This is beautifully acted, perfectly made film that hooks you and pulls you in. I found I actually wanted to know what was going to happen to the characters.

Normally my dislike of these time fragmented romance/dramas is low because more often then not they hinge on a big revelation in the third act. While that is the case here, the promotional material tells you as much, it's not quite what you expect and by the time it happens you won't care because you care about the characters on their own terms.

Recommended, especially for those who are interested in sudsy romance/friendship films ala BEACHES.

SOUL MATE opens in NYC at the AMC Empire 25 on September 23rd. It will also be opening in 20 other cities. For a list of cities and more information on the film go the the film's website.

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