Friday, September 16, 2016

In Brief: Redemption Song (2015) Harlem International Film Festival 2016

Portrait of refugee Cissoko, who left his home and ventured to Italy in the hope of finding a better life. However the struggle to become an immigrant was much more difficult and very different than he had been lead to believe. Frustrated, he decided to document the struggle so that he could show the people back home what it's really like. His quest to educate changed into a plea to end the violence in Africa that is driving everyone away- if everyone would put down the guns Africa could be a better place.

I was kind of blindsided by this film when what I thought was going to be a simple tale of the difficulties of emigration turned instead into a thoughtful and thought provoking tale with all all sorts of larger issues.

This is one of those films that really requires a a second viewing so that you can full appreciate what it's telling us.  To be honest I seriously considered not reviewing the film until I could take a second look at it but the film is much too important  for me not to tell you that you really need to make an effort to see this film.


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