Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nightcap 9/11/16- Before you believe the conspiracy You Tube clips do some fact checking

As we mark the 15th anniversary of the 911 attacks I want to take this time and ask all of the people who are exposing various conspiracies to chill out. I say this because this past week with all of the specials running and events happening to mark the events people around me have been discussing the events with a couple going on about the various theories about what "really" happened.

While I am not going to get into the various conspiracy theories, I’ve reviewed several films on the tragedies and I find the conspiracies less credible than many people feel.

 I’m sorry if that doesn't sit well with some people who feel I' deluded but I’ve actually done research and back tracked where bits have come from and run down who is saying what – something most conspiracy proponents have not done, and certainly something that most people watching the You Tube clips aren't bothering to do..

As much as I love the five minute You Tube clip of weird happenings and alleged conspiracies I’m not crazy enough to use a five or ten minute clip with multiple quick cut facts as gospel truth. If I see something interesting I don’t leave it there I will try to find where it comes from and not just take a five minute piece as everything I need to know… which is not how most people are handling it- they are taking the clips as gospel truth. All the truth they need in bite size little pieces.

The problem really hit home when someone in my office was trying to convince me that it was a missile hit the Pentagon. They pulled up a clip talking about it…which I recognized as coming from IN PLANE SITE which referenced the grand daddy of all 911 conspiracy films LOOSE CHANGE.

‘See’ They exclaimed. ‘ That proves it’

“No it doesn’t” I said. And then I then proceeded to pull up the two documentaries and showed them the clips in context the one- especially the clip from LOOSE CHANGE which talks about the plane (LOOSE CHANGE calls it a plane) knocking down the light poles on its way to crashing into the Pentagon.

I would love to report that I won my argument except that I was told I was wrong, and I didn’t know what I was talking about and that I was brainwashed by the government.


You can’t cherry pick facts and you need look at the whole event- the five minute clips (even the full on documentaries)  are not doing that. They are giving you headlines not full on or complete details, they are leaving things out.

I have no problem with anyone believing whatever they want, you want to believe that the US government was behind it- fine- but facts are facts and ignoring them won’t make make me believe your point if they are contradicted elsewhere.

If a clip or film references something else – check that other thing. I say this because so much is cherry picked. Worse the small points don’t operate in a vacuum- what may have been fine if it was that one thing, may have not be in a larger scheme of things- like the supposed missile knocking down light poles along it's trajectory. Go back and really find out what did someone actually say they saw? Was it something they saw or was it something they heard?(some supposed witnesses to the supposed shooting down of Flight 93 were actually ear witnesses)  Who is saying something? Can they properly identify say planes from far away?

And when you look at this stuff keep in mind many of the theories started on 911 before anyone knew anything and have been quoted as true. When did the theory you're speaking start?

There is discussion of why the towers fell straight down coming from people with no background in skyscraper construction. Worse there is assumption that the towers were built like most other buildings- which they were not (the floors were held on the outer skin not central columns), so the discussion of why they collapsed like other buildings doesn’t apply. There is a whole chain of thought that the planes that went into the World Trade Center wasn’t passenger planes- but the testimony is based vantage poor vantage points from a great distance which are then backed up by one poor video.

And we have hundreds of theorists who claim that certain news were reports (often the first ones because that fits their theory) are gospel truth regarding their evidence but dismiss anything contradicting it (anything later on) as government lies. You can't have it both ways. Pick one either the reporting was right or it wasn't.

You have to do the research, do the digging. Don’t let people tell you what is what- find out yourself. I’ve been down the rabbit hole for the last 15 years and nothing is as it seems- with the official story and especially the conspiracy theorists who are devouring themselves and saying it's new material. Things are more complicated than either indicates and you are doing a disservice to the dead and the survivors to take it all on face value.

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