Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FOR KIBERA! (2015) Harlem International Film Festival 2016

Kibera is a section of Nairobi in Kenya. It is one of the poorest places on earth. It is the home to radio journalist Boy Dallas who began to wonder why with so many companies and NGO's coming in trying to help why nothing is getting done and change isn't happening.

One of the best films at the Harlem Film Festival is one of the most important films of the year. A stunning political statement and a glorious use of digital technology to show the world what is really happening. This is agit prop of the best sort a call to arms and tell it like it is documentary. Its a film that will make you ant to get up and do something.

This is a film that should be seen everywhere- not only because it may help to bring change to Kibera, but also because if people see it maybe they can do something similar to effect change elsewhere in the world.

The only thing I can say bad about the film is that it's 56 minute run time is going to limit bookings

A must see at the Harlem International Film Festival where it is screening with several shorts to form a full program.

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