Monday, September 12, 2016

The Harlem International Film Fest starts Wednesday and we've got coverage coming

The Harlem International Film Festival opens this week and if you are in NYC you need to go because there is some really interesting stuff in the mix. Actually the best way to describe the festival is a mix of films that truly bridge pretty much every subject from children with birth defects in Africa to music biographies to family dramas to World War 2 dramas to UFO abduction to comedies to who knows what else. The Harlem Film Fest is one of the most eclectic programmed festivals I’ve ever seen – there literally is something for everyone.

I’m coming late to the game on the festival. I wasn’t really aware of the fest until a friend sent me the press release which I posted last week. It looked pretty good and after looking over the slate I contacted them about covering the fest…

…and that’s what’s going to happen. Later in the week and through the weekend when the festival is running Unseen Films is going to be running reviews and hopefully reports on the goings on. Because I’m coming late to the fest we won’t be able to do a full on curtain raiser with recommendations because we haven’t had a chance to see anything.

Well that’s not true, we have seen three films previously
And if you click on the titles you’ll see the earlier titles.

As for the rest of the fest- I don’t know- I’m zeroing in on most of the other features but I can’t say what I’ll be reporting in on. I guess the best thing is to keep checking back to see what we see.

If you’re interested in checking out the festival yourself the website is here with the schedule, film in fo and the link to buy ticket.

Go see something and if you see me and my monster bag say hi.

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  1. Great article! Please come check out GOOD GRIEF on Sat Sept 17th @ 4:40pm. HIFF will be our 3rd festival. It's was well received at the North Hollywood CineFest and Maryland International Film Festival and will be traveling to the Laughlin International Film Festival next month and the Kansas International Film Festival in November. Hope you see you on Saturday!

    - Brandon Ford Green (writer/director)