Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kedi (2016) Milwaukee Film Festival 2016

Without a cat Istanbul would lose its soul.

I’ve been trying to come up with a clever way to review KEDI but ultimately it comes down to asking you a single question: Do you love to watch cat videos?

If you don’t love to watch cats being cute then skip this post and this film and go do something that involves blowing things up.

If on the other hand you love cat videos then make your way to the Milwaukee Film Festival and buy a ticket and be ready to ooo and ah for 80 minutes.

KEDI is a gorgeously shot film that is a love letter to Istanbul and all of the cats that live there. This is the film that the Turkish government should be sending out as advertising because the city looks so amazing and the people appear to be so friendly that I wanted to book a flight just to see the city, never mind the cats.

As for the cats they are an adorable bunch. We watch as they run all over the city, take care of their own and are tended to by the various inhabitants of the city. It’s a joy to see so many people care for such loving creatures. Its also a joy to just watch the cats go through their paces.

Seriously this is serious cat porn and anyone who gets lost watching cat videos for hour needs to see this. Why do they need it because since the film is a documentary, and thus a serious examination of cats in a city, cat video addicts can watch the film and not feel shame for wasting time. They can proudly claim it’s a real film and not just a you tube clip.

Yes fellow cat video lovers it’s come to this…

Highly recommended for anyone who loves cats. Those who hate cats need not apply

For tickets and more information go here
The film's website is here

ADDENDUM: KEDI has just been picked up by Oscilloscope and will be released to theaters in 2017

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