Thursday, August 15, 2019

All the Gods in The Sky (2018) Scary Movies 12

Profoundly disturbing film will have you wondering what pit of hell director Quarxx crawled out of. By turns ugly, shocking , WTF and "you have got to be out of your f-ing mind", ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY will have you talking to the screen early and often.

It begins when a man heads home to take care of his sister. Injured years before in an accident she is bed ridden and has a terrible scar on the side of her face. He seems to be doing the best he can but all is not right. He is on heavy anti-psychotics himself and he is waiting for the coming of some visitors from elsewhere who may be able to help his sister.

All I can say is buy a ticket and take the right- just be prepared to be deeply deeply disturbed.  Full of dream logic and nightmare imagery this is a film you just need to see because this is a cinematic gem. To be certain it's a gem forged in hell, but it's a gem none the less.

I know you want me to actually talk about the film but I'm not going to do that- I had to walk into this haunted forest with outany sort of warning so you should to. I am not going to warn you about the body blows because taking the shots is what this film is all about.

ALL THE GODS IN THE SKY is probably the best film at this year's Scary Movies and as such is highly recommended.

For tickets and more information go here.

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