Monday, August 12, 2019

Echoes of You (2019)

I'm not going to say a great deal about ECHOES OF YOU because the film is above and you can just see it for yourself.

The film is the story of a hopeful pianist looking for a break while he works as janitor. Along the way he finds his greatest fulfillment in an unexpected place.

This is a stunning piece of filmmaking. Perfectly timed out for maximum effect this is a film that could nor survive being expanded into a feature, which seems to be the hope of most shorts these days, nor could it work any shorter since the climax comes at a perfectly placed moment to give us maximum effect.

That the film works as well as it does is thanks to Laurence Fuller's stunning performance in the lead. Literally a full bodied performance, the film has very little dialog, Fuller doesn't so much play the lead as have the lead in habit him. Every move, every gesture gives us so much more than words could ever do, with the result that when the ends come we are reaching not just a tissue but a whole box. This is the sort of performance that makes it a sin that Oscar doesn't recognize the work actors and actresses do in short films because Fuller is so good he should be in the running for an Oscar.

Beyond that there is nothing else to say other than WOW.

Highly recommended ECHOES OF YOU is one of the great finds of the year and Laurence Fuller's is one of the best performances in any film of any length I've seen in 2019.

Do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes and watch the film.

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