Sunday, August 11, 2019

Exit 0 (2019) Chain Film Festival

Billy and Lisa are a couple traveling back to toward his old home town in the hope of mending a broken relationship. Stopping at a nearby inn things begin to go a little weird for Billy as the place brings back odd feelings. Things really go wonky when discovers video tape of a kidnapping and rape...

Disappointing thriller never quite works. Yes the performances are good and the film has great small town feel but the script is derailed from the start by making Billy a character that never works. Beginning right at the start with some left field behavior (Did you tell your mother I said hi? Text your mother I said hi) and then getting worse we never have any sense of him as a normal person. Who was he before the trip? We don’t know. As a result he is weird to begin with and only gets worse with the result we never really like him. More importantly we never really understand why Lisa is with him. She seems so normal that you don’t know why she is with this crazy guy. Worse the film then moves through some twists and turns that touch on cliché.

While neither particularly bad, nor really good, the overriding feeling while watching the film is “this just isn’t working and it should”.

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